Abogados de Inmigración en Los Angeles

Abogado especialista en defensa de deportaión

Un Abogado de Inmigración en Los Angeles le Proporciona Ayuda Legal

Entre más se complica la situación migratoria en Estados Unidos, más ayuda legal se necesita para defender a las personas que vinieron aquí bajo la promesa de una mejor vida. En Paniotto Law Firm, queremos ayudarle a lo largo de su caso migratorio. Sea cual sea su caso, tenemos un abogado de inmigración en Los Angeles capaz que lo puede guiar a lo largo de su caso.

Representación en Corte de Inmigración

En caso de usted recibir una citación a la corte de inmigración, va a necesitar de un abogado que lo represente. Esta cita significa que el gobierno de los Estados Unidos quiere deportarlo por estar en el país ilegalmente o por haber cometido un delito categorizado como causa para deportación. Le recomendamos llamarnos para pedir una cita con nosotros en caso de recibir una citación para que podamos discutir sus opciones con usted. Esta consulta la hacemos de manera gratuita para que usted tenga, como mínimo, un plan a seguir a continuación. De contratarnos para representarlo en la corte de inmigración, podemos conseguirle algún tipo de amparo bajo la ley y cancelar su deportación.

Casos de Inmigración Familiar

Hay distintos tipos de casos inmigración familiar. Estos incluyen parejas casadas pidiendo por uno de los dos, padres pidiendo por sus hijos (sean menores o mayores de edad), hijos pidiendo por sus padres, y hermanos pidiendo por sus hermanos. Cada caso es distinto y va a tener distintos periodos de espera, algunos más cortos que otros, pero nosotros le podemos ayudar con cualquiera de ellos. Sabemos lo difíciles que son los casos de inmigración familiar, por lo que queremos que sepa que puede contar con la experiencia de un buen abogado de inmigración en Los Angeles a lo largo del proceso. Nuestro objetivo es ayudarle a traer a quien usted necesite a los Estados Unidos.

Defensa de Deportación

En caso de ser llevado a corte con el objetivo de deportarlo, usted va a necesitar de representación legal para evitar ser deportado o para apelar contra el veredicto. Nadie quiere ser deportado, por lo que es imperativo que usted encuentre el apoyo legal ideal para el caso. Un abogado de inmigración le puede ayudar a navegar este confuso y complicado proceso y a defenderse en frente de la corte de inmigración. Cada día, la situación migratoria en los Estados Unidos se vuelve más complicada, por lo que queremos que usted cuente con el equipo legal capaz y diligente que usted se merece y que le pueda ayudar a permanecer en el país.

Abogado de Inmigración en Los Angeles

Si usted se encuentra en una de estas situaciones migratorias o en cualquier situación similar, no dude en contactarnos para una consulta legal gratuita en la que podemos discutir su situación actual. Llamándonos al (213) 534-6622 puede hablar con uno de nuestros representantes y empezar su proceso. Usted no tiene por qué estar solo a lo largo de este proceso; no con un abogado de inmigración en Los Angeles de Paniotto Law a su lado.


How a Los Angeles Political Asylum Lawyer can Help

It’s natural to be reticent about hiring a lawyer. Sure, you might feel that you or someone you love needs a Los Angeles political asylum lawyer, but actually going to the trouble to reach out and hire one isn’t easy. It may feel like the last thing you want to do, something that can’t really help your case. However, the opposite is true. When you apply for political asylum and are denied, it can feel like the end of the world. That’s not the case. The Paniotto Law Firm can step in to help. 

A Los Angeles Political Asylum Lawyer for Your Case 


Political asylum cases can move swifter than other kinds of cases, so you may want to get a lawyer involved as quickly as possible. We can appeal your case within thirty days after a judge denies your case. Among the many reasons that’s important: you can stay in the United States every moment that your appeal is pending. While your appeal is pending, you’re protected against deportation. Really. That may be hard to believe, but it’s true. Just as you were protected before, now you’re protected with this. 

What Asylum is and What it Isn’t 


If you were stopped by deportation officers when you crossed the border, then asylum is the only way to stop your deportation. That’s it. There’s no form. There’s nothing else you can plead, nothing else you can do. This is your one, singular, sole option. To repeat, if you were stopped by deportation officers when you crossed the border, then you have to apply for asylum. The only other option is deportation. We wish there were more options, but that’s both of them. However, there is hope: the Paniotto Law Firm’s experience with asylum can do everything in our power to make sure that your asylum works out. 

Experience with Asylum 


We know that when it comes to attorneys that handle asylum, you may have several options to choose from. However, few of them have our experience in helping clients with political asylum claims. Here, at our firm, we know how to show that your country’s government was harassing you, persecuting (or even torturing) you for your political views. Over the years, we’re very proud to have helped so many members of opposition movements or social groups that have been persecuted by their governments to find a home in the United States. We can now put that experience to use for you. 

Someone on Your Side 


When you come over the border and you’re captured by ICE, it can feel like there’s no one on your side, no one in your corner. That’s where we come in. We’ve helped so many folks just like you to come to America and live how they want. If you need help with ICE, deportation, or similar concerns, you can give us a call at (213) 444-5242. From there, we’ll put together a free in-person consultation to better help you.

What a Los Angeles Immigration Court Lawyer Wishes People Knew

Here at Paniotto Law, Dmitry Paniotto has been helping folks with deportation and immigration issues for more than thirteen years. In that time, the laws have changed quite a bit. Practically every day, he and his staff meet with clients and prospective clients who sometimes may be unaware of certain facets of immigration and deportation law. When you or someone you care about needs a Los Angeles immigration court lawyer, the Paniotto Law Firm can help you to get the representation that you deserve. 

Don’t Wait Years to Clear Your Record 

If you have a criminal record, you don’t want to wait years to clean it up. To be clear, this is true whether you’re undocumented or even if you are a permanent resident. In fact, you want to do this even if you’re applying for citizenship, traveling, renewing your green card, or the like. Many folks have told us some version of: “well, I have a bit of a criminal record, yeah, but it’s from a long time ago, so it’s not really a problem, right?” That might have been true in the past, but not anymore. Too often, ICE officers wait at the airport for people who have even marginal criminal records to nab them. Don’t let that happen to you or someone that you love. 

You Can Get Help with a Criminal Record 

For many, when they hear that someone has a “criminal record,” they think of it like something ironclad that can’t be erased, like a large scar or tattoo. However, that’s not exactly how it works. Here at the Paniotto Law Firm, we have a criminal defense lawyer on staff that can help you to clean your criminal background. Backed by years of experience, our criminal defense lawyer knows how to get the job done and get you into your new life on your terms. This may sound impossible, or like there’s something slightly shady about it, but that’s not the case. This is an entirely legal process that thousands (if not more) people have availed themselves of before. We can bring that same experience to your case. 


Don’t Wait if you Have an Expulsion Order Introduced by an Immigration Judge 


As soon as that happens, contact us for a free consultation. Really, if that expulsion order comes down, there’s no time to waste. You may feel like you have some time, some room within which to maneuver, but that’s really not the case. In fact, the opposite is true: time has just about run out. ICE can have someone on a bus to Tijuana in less than three hours. Should something like an expulsion order (or something similar) come down, then reach out to us as quickly as possible. We’ll have you or someone you care about out to our office for a free consultation to discuss your options. They might involve reopening your case, or they might involve other methods. For more info, call us at (213) 444-5242.

The Best Defense Against Deportation

When you’re slated for deportation, it’s normal to be shocked. It’s completely human to be panicked, vulnerable, and scared. The process and the people behind are, in many ways, hoping for that. They want you to just submit, and let them do whatever they want, which in this case, means deporting you. These are just a few of the reasons why it’s so important to get someone who understands deportation law on your side as quickly as possible. The best defense against deportation, hands down, is a great immigration attorney. 

Defense Against Deportation for a Variety of Reasons 

You can be deported for any number of reasons. Maybe you crossed the border and were kidnapped by ICE. Perhaps you were arrested after you’ve lived in the country for a long period of time, or maybe you even got some kind of notice to go to immigration court. Here at Paniotto Law, we have experienced deportation attorneys who have dealt with cases like yours before. They know which kinds of arguments are the most effective. So, they can put that experience to use for your case, so that you can get all of the help and assistance that you deserve. 

Standing Up for Your Due Process Rights 

When you’re set to be deported, it may feel like you don’t have any rights, or that there’s nothing you can do. However, you do have rights. You have what’s called “Due Process Rights.” These “Due Process Rights” are actually quite powerful. You have the right to see an immigration judge. Additionally, you have the right to hire a deportation defense lawyer to try and prove that case to the government, too. 

The Right Deportation Lawyers 

When it comes to your deportation, or the deportation of a loved one, the last thing you want to do go with a substandard attorney. This isn’t a game. The stakes are high. You need the best attorney possible to handle your case in the optimum way. Paniotto Law Firm has lawyers with several years of experience in immigration cases. In fact, our attorneys know all of the ins and outs of the system. We know the judges, as we see them two to three times a week (at least). Moreover, we know the system, too. 

That means that we know all of the little things, the small details that, in a deportation case, can make all the difference in the world. 

Attorneys that are Ready to Help 


When it comes to immigration cases, there is literally no time to waste. ICE can deport someone within a matter of hours. Time is usually of the essence in any deportation case, which is just one of the reasons that you want to get in touch with an attorney as quickly as possible. You can call us at (213) 444-5242 to set up a free in person consultation so that we can help you.